Fabrice Chiron

I Want you
to hire me

What I do:

Webdesigner / Front-end developper:

  • Html/Css integration
  • jQuery coding
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Animation Flash
  • Php coding, for basic stuff (front-end, remember?)
  • Newsletter templates

Other useful things I can do:

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Fluent in english
  • Lean against a wall, wearing sunglasses (proof on the left)

Who I am :

This is a non-exhaustive list:

  • A fast and eager learner.
  • A pixel hunter. Each pixel its place. No kidding.
  • A daddy :-)
  • Kind of an ex-hardcore gamer. You know, before I became a daddy.
  • A nice and easygoing person.
  • The guy you want to be part of your team !
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Freeman T.Porter

Streetwear Brand

Brief :

  • They asked us to create a new art direction
  • They wanted new ways to present their pictures
  • The funniest part of this work was the creation of a new type of slideshow, based on animated cells : take a peek
Check it out (offline version)
  • html/css
    • Website integration
    • CSS3 Animations
  • jQuery
    • Image Carousel (site 2012 : not online anymore)
    • Dynamically created links on each popup images
    • Slideshow

Le Turk Photographies


Insight :

  • A web portfolio I made some time ago for Leturk.
  • He had one in Flash, but got tired of recompiling it for his updates.
  • It was one of my first slideshows, and one of my first coding induced headache.
  • Those were the good old days.
/Check it out
  • Design
    • Simple graphic design
  • html/css
    • Website integration
    • Compatible with all browsers (>= IE7)
  • Javascript / jQuery
    • My very own first slideshow!
    • High Res pictures in popups


Classic Brand of clothes

Insight :

  • An interesting idea : creating a website based on an horizontal line in the center of the screen.
  • Once I sorted out the way of doing this, it was real fun to create all the transitions.
  • The interactive map was cool too, albeit a bit long to create all the areas
/Check it out
  • html/css
    • Horizontal layout, aligned vertically in pure Css
    • Animated one-page navigation based on anchor tags
    • Compatible with all browsers (>= IE7)
  • jQuery
    • Interactive map of France (Les boutiques -> France)
    • Css3 animations fallback to jQuery for non-supporting browsers
    • A slideshow for each collection, on a single page
    • Animations : accordion texts

Incoming Talents

Czech Model Agency

Insight :

  • A big website, plenty of stuff to do!
  • The content is loaded via an API in Ajax.
  • We came up with the term "auto-incrementating Requirements Document" while working on it.
  • ...That's what happens when you're not given a Requirements Document, but have to start working nonetheless.
  • It works fine though!
/Check it out
  • Design
    • Graphic design of the whole site
    • Ergonomy management
  • html/css
    • Website integration
    • Css3 Animations
  • jQuery
    • Items loading via Ajax
    • Combinations of several jQuery plugins : (layout, dynamic filtering, etc)

WM World In Motion

French Model Agency

Insight :

  • This one is a really big playground!
  • It was my first time with responsive design, plenty of fun toying with it.
  • Home made responsive grid, based on squares, and maths.
  • I had just seen a windows 8 preview, and its metro design. That gave me room for thought.
  • I implemented a custom scrolling method, simulating swipe gestures. Interesting, but not polished enough yet
  • The slideshow is cool too, like a big mosaic composed of videos and photos.
  • I think it's the best I made as of now.
  • Thumbnails coming soon!
/Check it out
  • Design
    • Graphic design of the whole site
    • Inspired by Windows 8 layouts
  • html/css
    • Website integration
    • Css3 Animations/Transitions
    • Responsive design using media queries
  • jQuery
    • Customized browsing concepts
    • Compatible with touch devices (swiping gestures, etc.)
    • Multi-purpose slideshow for pictures and video players

Blizzard Entertainment

Videogame editor & developer

Insight :

  • Entry test for a job application : create a slideshow
  • I had to make several display modes : small, medium, big, list.
  • Everything from scratch
  • Added animations and keyboard shortcuts, just in case...
/Check it out